Ice Cream Scoop with Ergonomic Handle - Brybelly

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Brand: Brybelly
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Scoop

Ice Cream Scoop with Ergonomic Handle - Brybelly

If there's one lesson to take from Alton Brown's classic TV series Good Eats, it's that unitaskers- kitchen tools with only a single use -shouldn't take up precious real estate in your kitchen. And these scoops are no unitaskers.

Ice Cream Scoop 5 cm - Kÿchen

This ice cream scoop can be used for more than scooping ice-cream. This scoop is an extremely versatile kitchen tool. It is ideal for creating consistent, uniform portions quickly. Use it to portion cookies, pancakes, muffins or drop biscuits as well as ravioli filling or chicken salad. The possibilities may just actually be endless

This tough stainless steel scoop has a cold-engineered pointed lip is perfect for slicing through and dishing out frozen goodness,

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