11 Inch Copper Fry Pan - Starfrit

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UPC: 069858300830
Brand: Starfrit
Size: 11 Inch
Material: Copper
Type: Fry Pan

11 Inch Copper Fry Pan - Starfrit

This 11 inch copper fry pan from Starfrit has a scratch-resistant; High-quality nonstick surface that is PTFE- & PFOA-free. It is oven safe and Induction ready and easy to clean. It features oven-safe handles that are heat-resistant up to 428degrees F;

Pre First Use

  • Wash thoroughly in hot soapy water using a soft cloth or sponge
  • Dry completely

Prior to each use

  • A teaspoon of cooking oil should be added for better cooking results


  • Cooking on excessive heat can cause permanent damage to the surface
  • Knives & other sharp utensils should never be used on its surface
  • User should add salt to water only after its come to a boil to avoid damage to cookware bottom
  • If used on a ceramic stovetop, pan should be lifted rather than slid across the glass plate;
  • Gloves or oven mitts should be used as the handles & knobs may become hot
  • Cookware should be left to cool down on its own or placed in lukewarm soapy water.;

Dishwasher Safe

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